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Microsoft to Open up Retail Stores Following Apple’s Footstep


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Microsoft is going to follow Apple’s strategy of opening up a chain of retail shops with a view of showcasing its products for all. Having seen Apple’s idea being worked out well for the company, Microsoft is now willing to follow the same route to attack customers for its products like XBox game console, Zune digital media player, Surface tabletop computer and some other products from Microsoft partners.

However, market analysts are not too much optimistic about Microsoft’s idea of opening up stores at different locations to take its products closer to the customers. They think that Apple has some products like iPod for which people start to queue up from late night in front of Apple stores in order to get the latest version of the product next morning, but no such dedicated fan would do the same for the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Well, it is true that Microsoft does not have any product like Apple iPod for which people would jump right from the moment it would be available in the market. So, amid the present condition of global economic recession, Microsoft should ensure the market potential of such a costly move.

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