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Nvidia Ion Platform to Come Out in June 2009


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Nividia is moving according to its plan. As its prior announcement, Nividia is launching its very first Ion platform in June 2009 (first half of 2009). However, the first appearance will be through a nettop (low-powered desktop PC) rather than a netbook. The Ion-based nettop will cost $300. Well the price sounds ok especially the computer will score better 3D result.

According to Nvidia, Ion graphics platform will improve the graphics and video transcoding performance by10x and will give gaming capabilities to the Atom-based netbooks. The computer will be able to play HD video content easily, as well.

Ion will allow the netbooks to get HDMI out port instead of VGA to function high definition content on HD screens meanwhile to keep the same battery life as consumers get on their netbooks today.

Additionally, the Ion will let the computer to handle heavy Visa operating system much easier.

But we should nit forget that the poor graphical performance is not only related to graphics card. The slow Atom processors and low-resolution screens are other negative factors in netbooks. However, to keep the aggressive prices of netbooks, laptop makers have no choice unless to give up the standard quality of screens and standard processors used even in budget standard laptops.

Source: eeepc.net

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