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$150 Connect Available in USA for Lenovo Constant


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In February, Lenovo announced providing a special facility for corporate users to keep their e-mail 24 hours access to them.

By the means of Lenovo Constant Connect, the user will be able to read its company emails of Lenovo ThinkPad in BlackBerry through Constant Connect ExpressCard which is a $150 accessory.

Users will not need to be worried about the Wi-Fi connection or the mobile broadband when they have Lenovo Constant Connect. For instance, the user just needs to type the email on ThinkPad notebook and sends it to Blackberry through Bluetooth. When he can not use the notebook, he will be able to send the email easily by blackberry. So the user will not need to think of the Wi-Fi or broadband access. The same way the user can send or read the email with the ThinkPad notebook when there is no access to Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity.

The good news is that now this service available from Lenovo’s Web site. It is also sold through Lenovo’s distribution partners in USA.

Source: laptop magazine

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