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28-nanometer CPU by IBM Better than Intel’s 45-nanometer Atom?


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Intel’s Atom processor has been the only successful and dominant CPU in the market of netbooks. However, it is clear that this condition will not continue forever and other chip makers like VIA and RAM and AMD have been trying to obtain some of the shares of this market.

None of them have been able to overtake Intel so far (and I think even they don’t have this aim either!), but recently, IBM Technology Alliance has announced the developing of a new CPU for netbooks and smartphones based on 28-nanometer technology.

It claims that the new CPU will deliver 40 percent performance improvement compared to 45-nm based Atom processor. It will also drain energy 20percent less than Atom CPU. As a result, it will help the netbook to have the longer battery life and generate less heat.

This chip is supposed to be available in the second half of 2010. So, Intel will have enough time to bring out better Atom processors and keep its leadership for at least another one year!

“Preliminary results working with early access clients and partners indicate that the 28nm technology platform can provide a 40 percent performance improvement and a more than 20 percent reduction in power -- all in a chip that is half the size -- compared with 45nm technology. The high-k metal gate implementation allows one of the industry's smallest SRAM cells at 0.120 square microns, with low minimum voltage operation and competitive performance, leakage and stability.

These improvements enable microchip designs with outstanding performance, smaller feature sizes and low standby power, contributing to faster processing speed and longer battery life in next-generation mobile Internet devices and other systems.”

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