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Apple vs Microsoft in $1000 Laptop


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James A. Martin has written an excellent article that you should read: Mac vs. Windows: What Does $1K Get You? From the title, you can understand that James has written mainly because of the recent advertisement promotion carried out by Microsoft against Apple. The main point of Microsoft’s ad was that in the time of economic recession, Apple laptops are too much expensive compared to laptops with Windows Operating System. Mr. Martin has selected 3 laptops: one is from Apple and the two are HP and Dell but contain Windows OS. The price of all of them are within $1,000.

Mr. Martin has done a detailed comparison and did not pass any judgment. He has talked about the amount of memory, the size and quality of display, networking capabilities etc.

I am quoting a small part:

If you've got $1000 to spend, there's no question: Your dollar will go farther, in terms of specs and features, with the Dell or HP notebooks. The white MacBook seems a bit stale, in terms of tech specs, especially compared to the more expensive, refreshed MacBook line Apple introduced last fall.

Well, it should not satisfy loyal Apple fans but they do not care. They know that they get good value for their money. This is the thing that has kept Steve Jobs and his company alive even in the time of global economic recession.

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