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ASUS P30 and P80 Laptops Provide Intel Anti-Theft Facility


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Businesses are always concerned about their sensitive data and arranging good security to protect them from stealing or lost. So, they are always interested about the latest Anti-theft technology or encrypting systems which help them to decrease the risk of losing data or theft. Regarding to this problem, Asus is equipping its P series Business laptops like Asus P30 and P80 with Intel’s latest Anti-theft PC Protection Technology:

“This new technology provides users with the ability to send a "poison pill" remotely, rendering the notebook inoperable by comprehensively shutting it down. As such, the risk resulting from a stolen or lost notebook is eliminated. Once the notebook has been recovered, a local passphrase or recovery token can be used to reactivate the notebook.”

Features of Intel Anti-Theft Technology including:

-Protect encrypted data from unauthorized access

-Secure hardware environments through software-based encryption keys placed in escrow instead of on the hard disk

-Protect PCs with tamper-resistant hardware

-Minimize sensitive data being accessed or stolen

-Disable the PC locally or remotely

-Intel® Anti-Theft Technology can assist as a theft deterrence tool since the PC becomes inoperable, thereby unattractive to steal


-Restore notebooks to full functionality without compromising local security features for data or PC disable access

Asus P30 and P80 laptops are available for purchase now.

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