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AT&T to be First Wireless Company to Sell Upcoming ARM Netbooks


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ARM powered netbooks are supposed to be presented at Computex Show in June along many of them to run on Andriod OS. This is very interesting that AT&T wants to be the first company that will debut selling ARM powered netbooks along other Atom-based netbooks such as Acer Aspire one and Dell Inspiron Mini netbooks though its subsidizing program.

EE Times reports:

"There are a lot of people who will dive in and build netbooks, including folks like cellular or wireless OEMs who never built a computer before," said Lurie, president of emerging devices for AT&T's wireless group.

Lurie said AT&T expects to offer ARM/Linux netbooks in addition to this current x86/Windows models just as it offers Windows Mobile, Symbian and Apple smart phones today. He also expressed interest in cloud-based application services that some designers say will be an important driver for simple, low cost ARM/Linux netbooks.

ARM powered netbooks will be much cheaper than Atom-based laptops because of their lower-end CPU. ARM netbooks will be able to run on Linux OS, Windows CE, and Andriod very easily rather than Window XP or Win 7.

So far Microsoft has suffered a 16% revenue falloff in the first quarter 2009 because of 10% growth of netbooks and 17% reduction of traditional computers. The strong tempt of AT&T to sell ARM netbooks before launching them shows that This company predicts that this type of netbooks will have bright future. And surely it will bring a lot of opportunity for Android to improve and implement on numerous netbooks mainly next year.

Do you agree with me?

Via: liliputing

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