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Atom N270 vs. Atom N280/ Apt Buying Netbook Powered with N280?


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In my previous entries I mentioned many CPU comparisons between Atom N270, Celeron VIA –C7 and VIA Nano that you can find them at the end of this entry. In all those tests you could find huge differences between the results. But this time the result is opposite. Although Atom N280 is more advanced than N270 and comes with fast FSB and a bit faster clock speed, practically there is insignificant or minor difference between their scores. Folks at ComputerMonger evaluated these two CPUs used in 9-inch Aspire One A150 and 10-inch Aspire one D150 and the results were so closed that they could ignore it easily.

For instance, they evaluated these two netbooks by PC Mark 05 CPU Test and N280 only scored 35 points better than N270. Even the results in other tests were closer.

So, turns out that if you think that Aspire one D150 will deliver better performance than Aspire one A150, you are pretty wrong. The main advantage of D150 over A150 is its bigger screen size.

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