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Fujitsu Solves the Issue of Data theft with a self-destructing USB Drive


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Data theft or lost can happen to anyone even to businesses that try to use the latest encryption technology and security services. And of course you can find many statistics in Web that only few of users or companies could get back their stolen or lost data and laptops. So in this condition the Fujitsu’s prototype USB drive can be best solution most of the time.

Fujitsu has revealed a new USB drive which is self-destructing. This about 1GB drive contains a processor and a battery and only provides two options for the user:

- To erase the data automatically by setting a period of time

- The device becomes unusable when it is plugged into unapproved computers.

The two options are really useful for corporate users or even spies! Fujitsu is also trying to increase the security of this device more with allowing data to be uploaded only to a specific server and avoiding the uploading of data to file-sharing networks.

The prototype device in under further tests and has not become final yet.

Source: crave cnet

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