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HP Pavilion dv2 to Feature AMD Athlon Neo Processor


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HP has already has already announced that its Pavilion dv2 netbook (or notebook) will be the first to feature AMD Neo Platform which is expected to offer lots of features in a small chassis without costing you a lot. In fact, AMD Neo seems to heading towards create a new category in between netbook and notebook and HP Pavilion dv2 is going to be its first machine to reach the users.

HP Pavilion dv2 offers a 12.1-inch display, which is well above the 10-inch mark of a netbook, and it comes pre-loaded with 4GB of RAM, 320GB of storage, ATI Radeon HD 3410 graphics, but still weighs only 3.8 pounds and 0.93-inches thin. All these features are well above the typical features found in a netbook, but compared to a standard laptop, it still lacks few features. The same thing is found in its price too. It costs you $749 which is well above the $300, the starting price for a netbook. Overall, HP Pavilion dv2 will come up with a question: does it fall in netbook or notebook category?

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