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Impressions of the Samsung Impression


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impressionThe Samsung Impression is similar to the LG Xenon, in that both offer a full touchscreen and a QWERTY display. While the Xenon costs $99 with an AT&T contract, the Impression will cost $199, but there are a few worthy reasons why it costs more.

For one, it has a spectacular AMOLED display that pops with color and brightness. Samsung also tells us it should help save battery life, since power isn’t used when black pixels are displayed. You really have to see OLED displays yourself to get a full taste of what they can really offer both in videos, images, and even throughout the user interface. Every icon bursts with color. The display itself was accruate to our touch, and very similar to those found on devices like the T-Mobile Samsung Memoir. Samsung uses its TouchWIZ interface on this device as well, which lets you drag and drop applications onto the homescreen for quick and easy access to your favorite programs.

The Impression also has a 3.2MP camera, which means you can take pretty decent shots out on the town and fire them off to friends or to Facebook. We expect good quality out of a 3.2MP camera so we’ll test that as soon as we have it in the office.We noticed that it doesn’t have autofocus, though, a feature that we appreciate in camera phones.

The keyboard felt very soft and easy to type on, but it didn’t seem more or less comfortable than the LG Xenon’s either, so you’ll want to play with them side by side to fit your tastes.

While the Impression is lacking a few features that we are beginning to expect, like a 3.5mm headphone jack and the aforementioned autofocus, it’s still an exciting device and we can’t wait to get our hands on a review unit in about a week. More images after the jump.

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