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Intel’ to Bring CULV to Heap up the market of Low-cost Laptops!


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Low-cost laptops are new-opened category in the crowded market of PC industry that was set up by AMD’s Athlon Neo processor which has been used in 12-in HP dv2 laptop.

Low-cost laptops are the budget ultra-thin laptops delivering better performance than netbooks and stay behind the standard ultra portable laptops. They are powered with new budget energy-efficient processors like Neo CPU or upcoming Intel’s CULV processor to enhance battery runtime meanwhile more powerful that Atom or VIA processors used in netbooks.

Intel’s upcoming CULV (consumer ultra-low-voltage) processor is a 22mm single-core chip based on Intel's mainstream Core 2 architecture but unlike these mainstream processors that consume 25W of power, CULV will only consumes 5.5W - slightly more than Atom CPU.

This is good news because the luxurious laptops like Mac Air or Dell Adamo will cut their price since they will be able to use this Intel’s processor. MSI X-slim 340 is an ultra-thin laptop to be powered by CULV processor. MSI has claimed that it is world’s lightest and slimmest 13-inch notebook and I should add that it is going to be the cheapest one in its own category too. According to Cnet, this laptop was launched in Japan last week and the higher-end version starts at around $1,000.

Lenovo is also considering making a ThinkPad low-cost laptop with Intel’s CULV processor.

By Intel’s CULV processor and AMD’s Neo processor the prices the laptops based on them will fall between $700 and $1300.

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