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The Most Large corporations & Western Governments Victims of World's largest malware network


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The world’s largest malware network affecting 1.9 million computers has been recently discovered by Finjan Inc's Malicious Code Research Center (MCRC). This malware network could affect 77 government- own domain mainly in the US, UK, Canada and Germany and some most large corporations. Among these countries, USA suffered most from this malware network.

The network was set up by 6 cyber criminals settling in Ukraine and malware was controlled remotely.

Although the command and control server of these cybercrimnals was knock down but they have set up another one immediately.

TG Daily reports:

Finjan said that the malware was installed on computers when visiting compromised websites serving malicious code. Information found by MCRC on the command and control server includes the IP addresses of the infected computers as well as the computers’ names inside corporate and government networks that are running the malware.

This is really worrying news. Nowadays, governments of many countries specially developing counties try to keep record of the most sensitive data in computers in following the most developed countries like USA, UK and Germany. Hearing that USA was the largest victim of this cyber crime gives this alarm that yet criminals are more advanced than the companies that produce security software tools and provide security services!

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