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Radio Shack and ATt&T Offer: Acer Aspire One Only for $80!


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The $100 laptop seemed an impossible idea when Intel and Nicholas Negroponte started developing their own budget laptops for children of developing countries. When Asus enter to this quest with its Eee PC netbook, this idea became more touchable.

Bu this quest has got a new face since the wireless companies like AT&T starting subsidizing some of the popular netbooks like Eee PC 900 or HP mini 1000.

This time you can find the new offer of an 8.9" Acer Aspire One netbook equipped with WiMAX and 3G wireless in Radio Shack stores for just $80!

Well it sounds to be a great deal but, you can not get this netbook with this price lest you sign up a contract with AT&T for a 2-year wireless data plan costing $1440.

Well, it is clear that this particular offer is only appropriate for particular customers.

Nevertheless, the idea of $100 laptop needs a hard quest and it is impossible idea especially for the children of developing cuntries.

Acer Aspire One Feature:

• 8.9" CrystalBrite LED backlit LCD screen with 1024x600 resolution

• Integrated CrystalEye webcam

• Intel Atom processor

• 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G wireless access (with activation)

• 1GB memory and 160GB hard drive

• Windows XP Home Operating System

• Multi-in-one media card reader

• 3 USB 2.0 ports

• 3-cell Li-ion battery for approximately 2.5 hours of power

•available in blue and pink colors

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