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The SpursEngine chip In Qosmio G50 Laptop Trims the Web Video


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Qosmio laptops are the Toshiba’s flagship laptops and Qosmio G50 stand on the top of this range.

Qosmio laptops are heavy multimedia computers and Toshiba tries to develop the graphics processing and as the result delivering better quality of its Qosmio laptops.

For this aim Toshiba has developed a secondary SpursEngine chip, based on the Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor which is used in PlayStation 3 console to sharpen or clean up the video.

(The difference of these two processors come two the number of cores they use. SpursEngine comprises four "Synergistic Processing Elements" cores, while Cell Broadband Engine contains SPE cores double than the SpursEngline.)

The SpursEngine chip on Qosmio G50 works alongside an Intel Core2 Duo processor. The chip now only cleans up the Flash video that is played through Internet Explorer. While in the previous version of Qosmio laptop the SpurEngine was only able to spruce the video playing back with DVD drive.

Computer World explains:

When the cursor is brought over a Web video window, like that on YouTube, a SpursEngine logo appears in the top, left corner. Clicking on the logo launches the video full screen with the SpursEngine processing engaged. It's possible to run the system with the left-hand half unprocessed and the right-hand half of the screen processed so a comparison can be made and the improvements seen.

According to this source, the chip brings a noticeable improvement: “Edges are sharper, colors are a little richer and brightness and contrast are adjusted so that black areas of screen appear black and not grey.”

The result of this technology may not be important for ordinary consumers. But surely it is important for the users need more professional multimedia laptops and are ready to pay ¥340,000 (US$3,420) for Qosmio G50.

The laptop features 2.66GHz Core2 Duo processor, a 640GB hard disk, 18.4-inch widescreen full HD LCD display, and dual digital TV tuners. This laptop was launched in Japan last week. It will be available in international market later.

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