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Five techniques That Mac X OS Should Learn from Windows 7


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So far, he has many features of the times, Microsoft has heard quite a few steals the first of Apple's Mac X OS used. But this time Microsoft is on the opposite side of the current OS is Windows 7 can be proved. The MS has the similar features of Mac X OS compared with 5 to use the RC1 one of the techniques used can be found, Microsoft will have to apply than Apple and 7 RC1 people in the PC World has released a win.

These four trick here is that I only briefly mentioned:

1 - 7 RC1 Win more with the dock taskbar in Mac X OS not TASUKUSUITCHA in as well. I like the dock PUROGURAMURANCHA obligations to the task bar.

2 - new jump list, the list of those associated with the new taskbar in Mac X OS is unable to display the most recently used files.

3 - Windows Desktop select the background of seven more, the beautiful art of the X, Mac OS on that.

4 -, Windows Vista Network Center, the first of the current MS Windows 7 is used as a powerful feature that provides two options for setting and collecting all the networks were being used in a single location, Title of the section of the Internet & Network Mac OS X than in

5 - Windows 7 network map of the Mac X OS, you lacked this convenient feature, you can see a graphical map of a live network.

What do you think? What do you agree with the criticism? Apple, to add some tricks to be learned from Microsoft, or vice bertha or better? Questions, and share in the comments section.

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