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Netbook Linux OSes in rivalry: EeeXubuntu IS the Best of All for Netbooks


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The Netbooks with pre-installed Win XP have had more sales and luck in the market so far. However there are many users who are fond of Linux OS and there are various Linux OSes have been released since netbooks were emerged.

The most common Linux distros in the market are Xandros, gOS, Pupeee and EeeXubuntu OSes.

Now the question is that which one is practical for ordinary consumers especially in the terms of (easy) installation, having more useful pore-installed applications, and good support for extension like supporting the drivers of peripherals and providing easy and speedy internet connections through wireless broadband or LAN.

The folks in tuxradar have tested the four OSes that I mentioned above and compared to each other in detail. Their machine test was “an Eee PC 701, featuring 4GB of internal storage, 512MB RAM and a 900MHz Celeron processor.”

According to them EeeXubuntu OS was the best one of all because “the least painful to set up and to use”. It is based in Ubuntu and it provides range of software tools that are very useful.

Pupeee is the OS which scored closely to EeeXubuntu. It can easily be run from a Live USB key.

I recommend you to read the whole article to get more detailed idea about these four Linux distros.

Here I am just mentioning the scores that each OS achieved in this test:

1- EeeXubuntu scoring 8 out of 10

2- Pupeee scoring 7 out of 10

3- gOS scoring 6 out of 10

4- Xandros scoring 6 out of 10

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