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Netbooks’ performance vs. Laptops’: You Get What You Pay!


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We all know that netbooks are made to operate basic functionality and light tasks. They also offer the lowest price range in the laptop market. But how much do their low performances stand behind standard laptops, especially the budget standard laptops that only cost $300 or $400 more than netbooks.

The folks in PC Magazine have tried to answer this question with running different tests and a benchmark test on two netbooks and five standard laptops in different price range to get accurate realistic idea about the overall performance of netbooks that how much low it is comparing to budget-friendly standard laptops.

The netbooks and laptops include:

10-inch Acer Aspire One pricing at $350 and 12-inch Dell Inspiron Mini 12 pricing at $500, Gateway TC7804u pricing at $700, HP Pavilion dv3z pricing at $980, ASUS F6Ve-B1 pricing at $1250, Dell Studio 15 pricing at $1,279 and Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 pricing at $1,300.

The folks operated three heavy tasks consist of “ripping an audio CD into Apple iTunes, transcoding a video into another format, and resizing photos using Adobe's Photoshop Elements 7 and a APCo's SYSmark 2007 Preview benckmark test.”

Well, I recommend you to read the whole review but in the nutshell I should say that” You Get What You Pay”.

It is interesting that a direct ratio is seen between price and performance this test. Especially if you look at the benchmark result, the overall performance is directly related to price. If the price of laptop was two or three times as expensive as Acer Aspire One, the overall performance was almost two or three times as fast, as well.

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