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A New IdeaPad S10-2 Netbook with 3G modem by Lenovo


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Lenovo is developing a new model laptop in its netbook line up, Ideapad S10-2 which comes with the feature set demanded more by business users.

First of all the netbook will be equipped with built-in 3G modem. Lenovo will have placed the SIM slot in the back side behind the battery.

Lenovo has added some changes to features of IdeaPad S10. The changes include:

- No ExpressCard/34 slot on the new model

- add of an extra USB port to make it 3

- New design with rounded edges and different hinge, different shape for battery and different keyboard arrangement, and change in location of Ports and LED indicator

- Larger touchpad

- Availability of a Wireless switch

- “Double access bays to access HDD, RAM and now Wi-Fi”

The netbook comes with typical specs: Atom N270, 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD and 10-inch display.

If you like to see some pictures of this netbook you can go to blogeee.net.

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