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10 best extensions to manage the Firefox tab


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Although Firefox is not the first browser that supports tabs, no other browser can even come close to Firefox as we talk about the tab management. There are many extensions for Firefox tabs, extensions, but here you can really help save time managing tabs. Here are my picks ...

firefox tabs

Fox Tab - Browse 3D
If you are a fan of Apple's Cover Flow your love this extension. With 5-outs you can flip between the tabs and managing your tabs in 3D. It will certainly add to your 5 star experience in the Firefox tab.

Colorful Tabs - Mix Colors
As the name suggests this extension will color your tab titles in different colors. This may help you distinguish between the tabs and groups as you want. This should not be confused with the new IE 8, the color-coded tabs, but can be very useful extension.

Firefox Showcase - Search and manage your tabs
This is a must-install Firefox extension that I would suggest. This Firefox extension lets you open tabs and windows as a thumbnail preview in a single window. Not only that, you can also search for pages and their thumbnails group if you want.

Tab Renamizer - name your tabs
Tabs in Firefox always as title pages title. You may have opened some websites that you do not want anyone to see if some obscure title. Use Tab Renamizer extension and name of the title of the tab to another website of the title, such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

New Tab Homepage - Choose your home
Are you Google-Holic? New tab homepage can be very useful if you have an extension to Google for your questions now and then. You can set the preferences so that when a new tab, a default Web site (Google etc) will open.

Duplicate Tab- Clone your tabs
Ok now this. You are chatting via Gmail in a tab and other things you want to check your e-mail. Duplicate tab clone your tab so you do not need to open a tab for checking e-mail. They retain the history of the tab, too.

Basics - Add new tab button like IE
Not everyone knows that the easy shortcut CTRL + T for a new tab. You can always your toolbar and add new tab button, but you think it is really easy to tab Basics extension.

Tab Popup - See tabs thumbnail preview
If you've ever used Opera you need to know about a thumbnail preview of tabs when you hover your mouse pointer over the tab title. Tab does the same popup. It is a very useful extension if one of your pages will load and you want to see if it is done or not.

Close and Forget - Remove tab history
As the name suggests, and Close Forget extension deletes the history of your tab when you close. Let's say you check your e-mail and want to unsubscribe and delete all your history as soon as you close the tab, you should really install this handy extension.

Too Many Tabs - Extra rows
This is an excellent extension. Too many tabs can you not with your group and rearrange tabs by dragging and dropping, but you can save idle and inactive tabs in a separate row and free your memory. You can also pin your colors or tabs for future use.

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  1. shelly // June 10, 2009 at 11:19 PM  

    a great new one for tabs is from http://www.newtabking.com - the ultimate speed dial for me.

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