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Apple announced at Macworld Expo: 17-monocoque in Mac Pro and Mac mini


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The Macworld Expo begins tomorrow and it will be the last Apple will be without Steve Jobs. Yes, this information does not seem good for fans of Apple. But the good news is tomorrow, Apple announced its forthcoming 17-inch unibody MacBook Pro laptop, after some delays and new Mac mini computer.

The 17-in MacBook Pro not only use technology monohulls, but it also comes with internal battery as irremovable MacBook Air.

The new Mac Mini is also the adoption of some important changes:

- The use of new platform NVIDIA MCP79

- A Mini Mini DisplayPort connector and a DVI

- One FireWire 800 and a fifth USB port

- No FireWire 400 port available on this model

Tomorrow, you can find the summary of the event in this blog

So keep in touch.

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