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Bing is New Microsoft Search Engine


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Bing is a new Microsoft search engine all ready to join Google in the lucrative search engine space. Apparently Bing was quiet for a few days earlier by the announced start and is in beta and preview mode in different countries.

Bing Microsoft promises a new approach to user experience and offers intuitive tools to help customers make better decisions, such as a purchase, planning a trip, researching a health condition or the search for a local company. Bing Microsoft calls a decision engine that helps people to quick decisions. Take a tour.

This is how Bing front page looks like in India. To test Bing all the functions, it is a good idea to switch from the local version of the "United States - English" version.

Bing search results will be as neat and accurate as Google. Here is the best feature for me - If you click on the video channel and search for videos, the amazing what happens when you move the mouse pointer over the thumbnails videos - videos automatically! The videos and loads instantly with good picture and sound, and you can use them according to length, size and resolution. Try here are some videos.

This video shows a quick preview of what may Bing.
I get a lot of traffic from Bing ... Google is the killer finally here?

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