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Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook Mini 10V Replaces


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Dell has discontinued its first Netbook, Dell Inspiron Mini 9, which was launched just a few months back in September 2008, and is now recommending users try the new Dell Mini 10v instead. So if you want to buy Dell Netbook, Dell Mini 9 is no longer available on their site.

The Dell Mini 9 had recently launched in September 2008 - With a starting weight of lbs 2:28, sealed keyboard, solid state drive (SSD) memory storage, 8.9 inch glossy LED display (1024 × 600), large keypads, built-in Wi - Fi, built-in webcam and Bluetooth. Dell has also Teamed up with Box.net to offer exclusive web-based file storage, access and sharing to Inspiron Mini users, including a free Basic plan with 2GB of remote storage space, expandable to 25GB. Dell Mini 9 What earlier on sale for $ 349th

Now retired Dell has the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook and recommends users buy the Dell Mini 10v instead which is a better model, and available for a more competitive price of $ 299!

The 10v mini features the same processor: Intel Atom N270 at 1.6GHz, the same choices OS: Windows XP and a Dell customized version of Ubuntu, and 1GB of memory. The Mini 10v therefore improves upon overall ergonomics with a 10-inch display and a bigger, better keyboard (92% of standard), as well as more storage space and options: choice of SSD (16GB) or traditional hard drives (up to 160GB ). It appears up to the task of filling the shoes Mini 9 on the "modding" front as well.

Check differences between the Dell Mini 10 & Mini 10v. The "v" in the 10v stands for value. In this video, Brian Pitstick from Dell's Netbook product team details some key features of Dell's latest entry-level 10 "Netbook, the Mini 10v, comapred to Dell Mini 9 and Mini 10th

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  1. dell inspiron mini 10v netbook // September 1, 2009 at 11:47 PM  

    Thanks for the nice post. Dell is one of the most reputed names and is known for high quality products. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v is one of the latest netbooks in the market. Typing is very comfortable though it has a small keyboard. Battery life is quiet long. Glossy 10.1-inch screen is very attractive. It has 1.3MP webcam feature. Overall features are nice but there is no change in the design. Hope Dell comes up with some innovative design.

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