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Dell Latitude 2100 Highlights, imagination, and first impressions


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Dell has launched a new netbook that is totally different than other netbooks in the market in terms of purpose and function. Dell Latitude 2100 that has totally made for student- oriented users and corporate users comes with some feature that are unique and you can not find them on other netbooks. Regarding comparison, you can liken this netbook with Intel Convertible Classmate PC from some aspects like being enough rugged to be used by pupils in classrooms, having touchscreen displays and a strap or handle to carry, and targeting student users.

In this entry, I am just mentioning the highlight features, full specs, and the first indepth-look on Dell Latitude 2100 and some benchmark results.

Dell Latitude 2100 that is now available for purchase at Dell website with starting price of $369 is the first ruggedized netbook meant education market and come in different attractive colors to please any of its customers in the range of kindergarten up to 12th grade.

Here are the highlight features of Latittude 2100:

- Sturdy rugged chassis with rubberized surface that easily to catch and grasp

- A resistive touch-screen for option with a 1024 by 576 resolution. The screen can be cleaned easily with regular stuff

- The keyboard is 89 percent of a full size desktop keyboard meaning it is suitable for kids not adults. The keyboard used on Eee PC 1000HE is about 92% of a full size one.

- Optional antimicrobial keyboard to prevent spreading germs

- A strip light at the top center of the lid is for teachers to monitor pupils’ network activities.

- It supports carrying the netbook by a built-in strap that can be used as handle or a shoulder strap

- It is very customizable: there are three Operating systems for options including Vista Home Basic, Windows XP Home and Ubuntu Linux and there are four choices for hard drive including: 16GB SSD, and 80GB/ 160GB/ 250GB HDD (5400rpm) and options for battery: 3-cell and 6-cell battery choices

- Multi color choices: halkboard Black, School Bus Gold, Schoolhouse Red, Blue Ribbon, and Ballfield Green

- The standard memory is 512MG that can be upgrade up to 2GB


The netbook comes with conventional guts: A 1.6 GHz Atom N270 processor, a single memory slot (512MBup to 2GB of RAM), SSD, and 80GB/ 160GB/ 250GB HDD (5400rpm), integrated graphics and 10.1-inch WSVGA (1024 x 576) LED display and comes standard with a microphone. Additional options include a built-in 1.3MP VGA camera and/or a touchscreen.

The netbook features three USB ports; VGA-Out, a 3-in-1 card reader, and Ethernet and Wireless 802.11b/g. there are options for Wireless-N and Bluetooth.

First Reviews:

PCWorld Australia had its hands on 2100 and has done some test on the laptop that I mention the benchmark result briefly. PC magazine has also noted its first impression about this netbook.

In the following you can see the rundown of these two first reviews:


- the netbook is Shock resistant, scratch and indent resistant, drop resistant, and dust resistant and the keyboard is spill resistant.

- Each USB 2.0 port is powered; an external 2.5in hard drive can be plugged to the netbook through a single USB port

- The white strip light at the top of the lid to top off the teachers when students use internet when are not allowed to

- Very customizable

- Comfortable keyboard

- The touchscreen is precise and responsive

- there is a sliding plastic window placed on battery for students to put in their names and classroom numbers


- One of the heaviest netbooks in the market (3.5 lbs with 6-cell battery and 3 lbs with 3-cell battery)

- Thick and Unattractive

- “It can be a dangerous unit to use if you opt to install the 6-cell battery!”

- the light on the cover can not work with the wired connection and only can work with wireless connection

- The netbook with touchscreen doesn’t come with a stylus

Benchmark result:

Rendering 3D image test: 7min 11sec

iTune test: 7min 51sec to convert a 53min WAV files to 192Kbps MP3s, ( faster than Wind U120)


The netbook with starting price ($370) has a good configuration of 1GB DDR2 SDRAM, an 80GB hard drive and the standard LCD screen (without webcam), 3-cell battery and Ubuntu Linux OS. But if you add options of touchscreen with webcam, Dell Wireless 1510 802.11a/g/n Draft Mini Card, Bluetooth, and keyboard with Anti-microbial protection, the price jump on $500.

Well if we look at the price of the ruggedized convertible Classmate PC- (the laptop is priced at $500 at ShopMandA.com for American market) and its specs you will find Dell Latitude 2100 more affordable and budget-friendly and more convenient with its bigger display and unique feature it provides for teachers.

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