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HP Mini 2140 CES in: 2133 Mini 10's successor - and performance in Atom


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HP Mini 2133 was the second netbook launched in the marlet after the first version of Asus Eee laptops and immediately became popular. Really it is good time now that HP replaces VIA-based Mini note 2133 mini-notebook with a new one with better feature Set. Hp is doing it at this CEST 2009 and is introducing its new Mini 2140 netbook with bigger 10-in display, faster Atom processor and bigger keyboard compared to its previous iteration-Mini 2133.

HP Mini 2140 the new netbook to challenge popular current netbooks such as Wind PC and Eee 1000 corporates many striking features to push this netbook among top 10 best netbooks in the market form the very beginning of its shipment.

HP mini 2140 uses the same aluminum design we experienced by Mini 2133 which is sleek good looking and sturdy. Also, you can find more impressive features under the hook including:

- Very light; starting weight from 2.6 pounds or 1.19 kg
- Enough thin; 1.05inhch thickness or 27mm
- 1.6GHz Intel Atom
- 10.1-inch 16:9 LED display with options support for extra-sharp 1366x768-resolution display or a lesser 1024x576 panel
- 160GB hard drive with either 5,400RPM or 7,200RPM,
- Option for 80GB solid-state drive
- An ExpressCard/54 slot
to give more hand to users to use 3G cards easily by that

-SD card reader
- A large 92 percent keyboard
- Longer battery life compared to Mini 2133
- Various OS options or choices including Windows XP Home, Windows Professional, SuSE Linux, FreeDOS, Vista Home Basic and Vista Premium

It is really notable that the mini laptop comes with both media reader and Express card. The current netbooks usually offer one of these two slots either the express card (you can find it in few netbooks) or media card reader which is more common, but on HP 2140 you can have both of them at the same time.

The mini laptop comes with other facilities like drive light, power button and light, wireless button and light that all have been placed in front of the mini laptop. It also comes with VGA webcam like its predecessor, and the same touch pad with scroll zoneand buttons on the left and right sides. The good thing isthat the touch pad has an on/off button. So while typing and turning off the touchpad, it will not disturb the user.

The system features 2 USB ports, VGA out, mic jack headphone jack, Ethernet jack, SD card reader, Express card and Kensington lock slot.

The Mini 2140 starts at $500 and will be launched some later this month.

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