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NetBook cheaper with more battery life by Freescale i.MX515 CPU?


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NETBOOK cheap laptops small that prices are in the range between $ 300 and $ 600. But consumers like to see even cheaper netBook market. I think it is quite true because of the direct relationship between demand and production of each month and many new netBook enter the market and make the market gradually overwhelmed. However, Freescale Semiconductor Inc. thinks it can speed up this process with its new low-power processor, which is featured at CES 2009 this week (Jan. 8-11).

Freescale i.MX515 processor is based on an ARM chip that has been done for the netBook and computing devices with basic features such as web surfing and checking emails. Freescale believes its i.MX515 processor can reduce the price of the cheapest netBook (which of course run on Linux OS) to $ 200.

Freescale says that not only lower its CPU prices of all netBook, but it will also increase battery life. This means that i.MX515 CPU uses less energy than Atom CPU and create less successful, too.

Reuters said:

The company said the chip would allow a NETBOOK with an 8.9-inch to eight hours of battery life. Freescale reference design based on Linux operating system Ubuntu.

Freescale plans to begin shipping this processor from the middle of 2009 and will be used in the 8.9-and 10-inch netBook.

The current netBook using Intel Atom processor often offer a battery life up to 3.5 hours with standard battery. These are the benefits that good CPU i.MX515 NETBOOK will bring to users. Well, the important issue is that "will i.MX515 CPU as powerful as the Atom processor?

Already, the company has focused on the netBook powered by CPU i.MX515 not support Linux operating system. So my feeling is that this processor does not come better performance than Atom CPU or maximum, there will be as powerful as Atom. If the latest possible occurs, it will be another giant step in the NETBOOK market and the market for laptops.

This question of the mere use of Linux as the operating system can also provide a limitation to the general Freeescale based netBook. Thus, this limitation to allow the new processor can spread easily between netBook? Or perhaps the other good sides of the CPU i.MX515 more battery life and greater price effect of this limitation and Freescale to help them become good rival to Intel?

VIA will also launch its processors in 2009 too. So we must have a competitive market between business equipment this year!

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