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Pineveiw way; Moblin 2,0 start; 7 Vista price higher than in Win?


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It has been quite long time that different netbooks from different vendors come to the market just to use the same Atom processor inside. I am happy that at last Intel unveils some details of next-gen Atom Platform called Pine Trail.

Pine Trail will contain only two chips unlike Atom platform that consists of three chips to achieve power saving, lower TDP to have a fanless netbook, better overall performance and graphics performance, and reducing package area and having easier design.

Intel is using a new processor called Pineview and moving the graphics and memory controller inside the chip of processor. Intel is going to launch the new platform in second half of 2009. As Computex 2009 is starting at the beginning of next month, I think Intel will showcase this new platform in this fair.

To enhance performance, Intel is assisting with the nonprofit Linux Foundation to develop a suitable OS for netbooks. Moblin 2.0 was made and launched for this goal yesterday. It is free of charge to download and you can get it from here.

Moblin 2.0 is a basic distribution of Linux OS design for small screens and low graphics capabilities used in netbooks (which are mainly based on Atom CPU) and MIDs. It comes with a new user interface which more looks like Opera’s speed dial feature. There is M-Zune that has been replaced with desktop. Moblin is customizable for OEMs and service providers. Hunderds of applications have been optimized for Moblin and also PC Linux applications and middleware are just run by Moblin.

It takes only 5 seconds to boot up and gets benefit from Atom's sleep state to prolong the battery life.

You can get better idea about Moblin by watching the video after break.

Moblin has been released ahead Windows 7 and it is free of charge, but Windows 7 will be a pricey OS when it is released (on holiday season 2009).

Regardless of economic downturn, Microsoft is attempting to sell Windows 7 more expensive than Vista, especially Windows 7 professional will surely cost more than Vista business.

Dell is the first laptop vendor that has shown its concern about this raise.

Director of product management for Dell's business client product group, Darrel Ward contemplates that the price of Windows 7 is expensive especially at this time and it will make the adoption of Win 7 slow and even pause for some time, although Win 7 comes with many good features like better drive support:

"If there's one thing that may influence adoption, make things slower or cause customers to pause, it's that generally the ASPs (average selling price) of the operating systems are higher than they were for Vista and XP".

As we know that Microsoft is preparing a slim version of Windows 7 optimized for netbooks. If MS keeps the average selling price of Win 7 higher than Vista, the least adaption will happen in the netbook sector and different Linux OSes optimized for netbooks like Moblin, gOS3, Netbook Remix etc have more chance to be accepted by netbook users.

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