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Acer using Moblin for 5 seconds boot; Video Aspire One running Android


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Acer announced in his press conference yesterday Moblin to use the Linux operating system on their netbooks and nettops and desktop PCs.

Moblin is a Linux-based operating system developed by Intel to provide faster performance, startup time and the shortcuts and an improved user interface for netbooks. At this time, the distribution of different Moblin as SuSE Moblin, Moblin Xandros, Linpus Moblin, Ubuntu and Red Flag Moblin shown in Moblin devices from HP, ASUS, MSI and Hase at Computex 2009.

Intel popular in the development department moblin believe that the next version of Moblin will be able to reduce the startup time to only 5 seconds.

Moblin is not the only project being worked on Acer. Acer has also been a demonstration of Google Android operating at full FireFox Aspire one into a D250. You can view a short video of it after the break.

However, Acer has said that Android-based NETBOOK final will be different in this Computex demo. The Aspire One Android D25o was short with 15 seconds to boot and shutdown 1 seconds!

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