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ARM to show their Pegatron NETBOOK Tap Computex 2009


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As announced earlier, it is expected that several ARM-based netbooks at Computex show. One of these netbooks will be a touchscreen NETBOOK Pegatron which is powered by Freescale chips consist of ARM processor cores.

NETBOOK this comes with a 10.1-inch screen, and will run in a case of Linux distributions such as Android or Ubuntu. The companiy did not mention that if Android will be on board your operating system.

ARM core processors as they are mainly used in mobile phones, especially smartphones are low cost, battery efficient process to help users keep their mobile devices and the use of more than one days without any single charge.

ARM-based Netbooks are said to work with the battery 9 or 10 hours without stop. To date 6 companies like Asus, Acer, Quanta and have taken and the development of such netbooks seriously and is presented in this year's Computex show with different ARM-based netbooks. Some of them are eager to show their netbooks running on Android for Google, too.

Warren East, CEO of ARM Holdings in a press conference in Taipei indicated that approximately 20% of netbooks coming in next year will be powered by ARM core processor.

Do you agree with him? How the future is bright for ARM netbooks you think? Please share with us their views in the comments section.

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