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Asus at Computex 2009


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Asus is an Asian company while Computex is one of the major technology events of the year in Asia. The main companies in the world are attending the fair, but Asus is a more important-you have in your home. The company made a press conference and officials sounded pleased with the response I got from visitors.

In a press release:

Recognized ASUS NETBOOK Inventing by the BBC, ASUS President promised "to innovate"

ASUS was attributed the creation of the first notebook in a special feature on the BBC Computex 2009, was filed on 03 June 2009. "He invented the ASUS NETBOOK" reportedly "the only truly revolutionary gadget created by a home-grown company." When asked why ASUS remains unfazed by the growing number of imitations on the market, "ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Chairman Jonney Shih said:" The soul is ASUS 'innovative' ... which are widely used for [ competition]. just need to innovate. " Mr. Shih said the Eee PC ™ Seashell as a typical result of ASUS 'culture of innovation, the description of ASUS latest ultra mobile Internet device that has the best balance of beauty, long battery life and performance .

Well, it is time that the company gives more importance to other products not only netbooks. In fact, in the last year, Asus has become almost synonymous with netbooks. There is nothing wrong with that, but I just think they should try to get out of this issue.

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