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CPU Intel Pentium Using Ultra Portable; Because New Core 2 CPUs and More


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Intel announced and discussed his new processors for the different categories in today's press conference at Computex Taipei.

Interesting is that Intel is using for its new Pentium processors, but this time low-cost ultra-portable thin that their prices start from $ 500 to $ 1300.

1.4-GHz SU3500, the 1.6-GHz SU9400, and SU9600 processors that Intel has begun shipping to manufacturers, as well as the 1.3-GHz Intel Pentium ULV SU2700 processors are Intel is ultra thin Use of laptop computers. All these processors are ultra-low voltage draw 10 watts of power contrary to standard Intel processors can draw 25 to 35 watts of power.

"Intel believes that the processor line to win 40 new designs for" all major "of the OEM Computex, Marty said."

While Intel began shipping its single-core CPU CULVER (ULV Platform) AMD has begun shipping its Neo dual-core processor for this category of laptops. You can read a brief comparison here between these two processors.

Laptops and ultra-thin light weigh about three pounds and measures less than 1 inch thick. The Intel-based in this category will support WiMAX and Wi-Fi.

Core 2 Due T9900, P9700, P8800 and other processors are Intel processors announced today. The T9900 is the first mobile Core 2 Duo processor clock as fast as the highest and 3.06-GHz.

The T9900 is the successor of 2.6-GHz T7600 (Merom based). Has 6 MB of L2 cache and offers high performance compared to the T7800.

Furthermore tgdaily mentioned that "The 32-nanometer chips for desktops and Arrandale Clarkdale are key, while the Lynnfield CPU, available later this year, will give a better yield of 40 percent of Penryn, he said."

Intel also revealed GS40 Express graphics with Intel integrated package 4500m (running at 400 MHz and up to 385 Mbytes of video memory shared) offers 10 units of additional performance with respect to its predecessor.

Windows 7 supports playback of HD and Blu-ray Discs, HDMI with integrated HDCP key.

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