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Dragon, a new non-Windows-compatible CPU at Computex NETBOOK


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Qualcomm announced its new processor based netbooks dragon key yesterday. The company has a big welcome laptop and mobile phone makers (MDGs), including ASUS, Compal, Foxconn, High Tech Computer (HTC), Inventec, Wistron, and Toshiba, and this processor will be demonstrated through a number of netbooks responsible for the laptop mentioned earlier this week at Computex Show.

The processor only supports Linux distributions (can not run Windows) and your users can be connected endlessly through GPS, 3G and Wi-Fi connection.

This process is now much used by 15 companies in 30 different devices such as smartphones and netbooks.

Qualcomm is seeking a category between laptops and smartphones smartbooks you get the best aspects of smartphones as simple intuitive usability, and long battery life and combines the best aspects of laptops, such as large screen, higher performance and functionality.

"Constantly connected via 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS, smartbooks is ultra portable, customizable and easy to use all day and the last in a single battery charge. Qualcomm Dragon platform has a unique combination of capabilities that makes it exceptionally competitive smartbook category, which is redefining the movement of consumers on productivity and play, "the company said in a written statement.

I believe that Qualcomm is trying to bring a new category for NETBOOK market segment that will be cheaper than the current netbooks, carry out a quick operation with less concurrenly applications, with larger screen than those used in smart phones, but more practical and useful!

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