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HP Mini 110 vs HP Mini 1000 vs Samsung NC10; Mini 1101 specifications


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HP moves forward slowly in the market of netbooks but, its move is steady and continual. I can say that HP has released least netbooks compared to Asus and Acer and MSI. Well, So far its netbooks have been bundled up with very good and bad features such as stellar keyboard and sturdy fashionable chassis as well as overly glossy screens, sluggish hard drive and lack of VGA port meanwhile costing more than their counterparts in the market.

HP has unveiled its two upcoming Mini 110 for consumer- oriented (and the Linux- based Mini 110 Mi) and Mini 1101 for corporate- oriented.

The very first feature of Mini 110 and Mini 1101 that takes attention is their starting price. Compared to their predecessors, these two upcoming netbooks offer more aggressive starting price. Starting at $279 for the Linux-based Mini 110 Mi, $330 for the XP-based Mini 110 and Mini 1101 is a big improvement about HP netbooks.

The second feature that takes the attention immediately is design and the chunky way it looks. Mini 110 is not as thin and lightweight as its predecessor. The new netbook is 0.2 pound heavier with the (weight of 2.6 lbs) and 0.3 inches thicker (with the depth of 1.3inches) than its predecessor.

Confidently, HP has made a better revamped version of Mini 1000, He has kept the good side of the Mini 1000 and has tried to turn the bad sides or weak features to the good ones.

Here you will learn about the differences between Mini 1000 and Mini 110, and comparison between their benchmark results.

One of the important contenders of Mini 1000 and of course upcoming Mini 110 is Samsung NC10 netbook. Here you will learn about their differences and the comparison between their benchmark result to get better idea about the improved performance that Mini 110 offers upon its predecessor and its major rival.

I have compiled all the benchmark results and figures from reviews done by Laptop Magazine.

HP Mini 1101 netbook:

This mode meant business users and it is very customizable. It can be available preinstalled with one of Windows XP Home, XP Pro, or Vista and a choice for freeDOS if you are interested in installing it on your netbook by yourself. This netbook offers options for a 32GB SSD or 160GB or 250GB hard disk, and EV-DO/HSPA mobile broadband modem. The HP Mini 1101 will be available from tomorrow- June 1st with starting from $329.

HP Mini 110 vs. Mini 1000:

Cnet and Laptop Magazine have reviewed Mini 110 and compared it with Mini 1000. Here I have compiled the Pros and Cons were mentioned by these two reviews here all together.


Price: the starting price of Mini 110 is more budget- friendly than the starting price of Mini 1000, meanwhile offering better features.

Design: although the black Mini 1000 looks is slightly thinner and ligher than Mini 110, the nice swirl imprint design on lid of Mini 110 looks very attractive and it also hides the finger tips ( unlike the glossy finish of Mini 1000). Mini 110 is more comfortable to use because “it sits a little higher in back when placed on a desk”. Mini 110 is available in pearl white and fashionable pink, as well.

Keyboard: Mini 110 inherits the stellar spacious 92% keyboard of Mini 1000. There is a row of a dedicated function keys placed at the top pf the keyboard. Also the new netbook comes with the same awkward vertical touchpad buttons.

Performance: Mini 110 comes with the typical CPU and RAM available on majority of netbooks (1.6GHz Atom CPU and 1GB of memory). But, it offered faster spinning 160GB HDD with 5400 rpm that causes faster performance compared to Mini 1000.

Features: unlike Mini 1000, an additional USB port and VGA port are available on Mini 110. So, this netbook comes with 3 USB ports, a VGA out and 5-in-1 media card reader and Lan port.

Display:If you suffered from the overly glossy 10.1-inch screen settled on Mini 1000, HP happily has removed this display and has used the traditional LED Matte antiglare 10.1-inch display but with the same 1,024x576 resolution. Promisingly, an option for high definition display with 1366 x 768 resolution will be available from July 8th. This option will only add $30 to the basic price.

Video Play back: an additional $30 Crystal HD Enhanced Video Accelerator choice, will come soon in July and will allow users to watch 1080p video an external display.

Heat: definitely Mini 110 is much cooler than Mini 1000

Audio: The speakers are impressively laud and apparently better than the one used in Mini 1000.

- Choices or options for 32GB SSD, a mobile broadband for extra $125. The Linux-based Mini 110 Mi starts from cheaper price of $280 and can be configured with up to 1GB of RAM and 160GB HDD.


- Lack of HDMI port for playing HD movies on an external display

Software: the Syncables software is difficult to use. This software is supposed to help out the user to “connect different machines on your local network, allowing you to easily share documents, photos, video, and music, and even sync Outlook and Thunderbird e-mail accounts. The program even claims to work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.”

Battery: 3-cell battery is used on Mini 110 as default and it only lasts for 2 hours and 45 minutes which is really short for a netbook. In the market the average battery is not less than 3 hours. However, Soon Mini 110 will offer a choice of 6-cell battery adding $40 to the basic price to prolong about 5 hours and half which is yet short compared to Eee PC 1008HA and 1005HA, Samsung NC10 etc.

- “This video accelerator won’t help you transcode video faster or play mainstream 3D games.”

Benchmark results:

-Boot time: Mini 110 boots up for 45 sec while Mini 1000 is more sluggish and its boot time is about 64 sec.

-PCMark05 test: Mini 110 scored 1578 while Mini 1000 scored 1370

- laptop transfer test: Mini 10 recorded a rate of 14.6 MBps ( lasting about 5 minutes) for coping a 4.97GB folder of mixed media and Mini 1000 scored a rate of 9.1 MBps that lasted for 9 minutes and 21 sec.

Mini 110 vs. Samsung NC10:

I am comparing the Samsung NC10 with the price tag of $420 (at Newegg) and feature set of 10.2-inch antiglare Led display, 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 160GB HDD with 5400 rpm, 6-cell battery, 3USB port, VGA out, 3-in-1 media card reader, 2.8 lbs of weight, 1.19-inch thickness, Bluetooth, and 93% keyboard, .


Price: Samsung NC10 is some more expensive than Mini 110 even by considering adding the two features of 6-cell battery and Bluetooth to Mini 110. If we add the $40 extra for 6-cell battery to Mini 110 the price will jump only to $370. ( however I think NC10 deserves this price).

Design: Mini 110 comes with more attractive finish design than NC10. However, NC10 is a thinner netbook. It is natural that NC10 with 6 cell battery is heavier than Mini 110 coming with 3-cell battery.

Keyboard: both laptops have very spacious and comfortable keyboard that the positioning of keys are almost perfect.

TouchPad: The sizes of their touchpads are almost the same. However the length of touchpad on NC10 is 0.1-inch shorter.but the most important thing is that NC10’s touchpad is multi touch that provides a dedicated scrolling bar too and the buttons are horizontally positioned.

Features: The both netbooks feature the same amount of ports but Mini 110 offers 5-in-1 media card reader slot.

Display: both netbooks offer traditional Matte display with anti-glare. However, the option for HD display offering by Mini 110 is really nice.

Audio: The quality of speakers of NC10 are closed to the Dolby-powered speakers used in Eee PC 1000H. So, it is more preferred to the speakers used in HP Mini, although it is totally loud.

Battery: NC10’s 6-cell battery can last 6 hours and 34 sec when its battery manager is enabled. While Mini 110 with 6-cell battery will prolong about 5 hours and half which is not bad although it is shorter than NC10’s.


Both Mini 110 and Samsung NC10 come with the same guts. So naturally they must have similar performance record and benchmark result. Both netbooks boot Win XP in 45 sec. They have similar transferring rate (Laptop magazine tested NC20 with 120GB 5400 rpm and it recorded rate of 12.4 MBps) and stay behind IdeaPad S10 with the rating of 17.4 MBps.


Surely, Mini 110 is a better netbook that its predecessor and with its competitive price, excellent keyboard, nice design (specially it doesn’t get tarnished at all), lovely options and enough ports and slots will be able to attract the market easily.

Samsung NC20 is a known netbook that has already been successful to take some proportion of crowded market of netbooks. It is famous for its keyboard and long battery life. But it is not available in the price range of $320- $370 that Mini 110 offers. This way it will lose some of its consumers logically.

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