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Intel to Microsoft Abets Grip Against VIA Netbook Market


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Most of the netbooks based on Intel Atom platform. The Atom platform, as well as other key standard hardware, including 1GB of memory and 160GB hard drive, all together have made these netbooks almost the other brother. Although Intel has dominated the market NETBOOK, VIA was able to get some share of this market following the successful completion of the move to 12-inch netbooks such as Samsung NC20 thanks to its better benchmark result of the Atom.

Naturally, Intel is concerned that is felt and the intimidation of the opponent-VIA.

Thus, consumers love best budget-friendly price, but the giant suppliers like Intel and Microsoft have to think about their own profits. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Intel plan to impose some restrictions on market NETBOOK after the release of Windows 7.

Microsoft is coming to disqualify netbooks with screens larger than 10-inchs to run on Windows 7.

Intel was fined for his defense strategy against the market as tough rivals AMD and also, Microsoft had similar cases of anti-competitive practices. This cooperation between Intel and Microsoft reminds me of the practice of anti-competitive actions, but this time on the market NETBOOK.

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