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Lenovo T400S Nearly Survives 26,000-Pound Crushing


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Lenovo’s ThinkPad T400s hasn’t been released yet and its specs are still under wraps, but today Slashgear has a fantastic video of the thin-and-light notebook nearly surviving a clash with a 26,000 pound truck. The 14.1-inch notebook is no rugged or semi-rugged system and yet, in the video, which was made with the help of the Center for Severe Weather Research (cswr.org), you see a giant radar truck roll over the T400s, which suffers a cracked screen, busted keyboad, and general failure to power on. However, its hard drive and precious data survive.

Back in the lab, you see Lenovo engineers remove the 1.8-inch mechanical drive from the broken T400s then plug it into another system and watch it boot like nothing ever happened. You also see that many of the parts, including the RAM, are still intact and ready to be used again. So it’s safe to say that the T400s almost survived being run over and kept its most precious asset — its data — intact.

Even more interesting is the possibility that the notebook could completely survive being run over by a normal passenger car. At 0:31 into the video, an unidentified person holding the broken notebook says “I understand it can withstand a car’s impact, but it certainly cannot survive a heavy duty radar truck.” We’d love to see that theory tested.

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