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Microsoft Launches $80 Million Campaign to Battle Google


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Mircrosft has started launching a series of Campaigns for a while to challenge its tough rivals such as Apple, and now this time Yahoo and mainly Google.

Microsoft outraged Apple with bunch of ad series few months ago and now is planning to repeat the same strategy about Google.

The reason is Microsoft is launching its latest revamped version of its Live search engine with the new codenamed of "Bing" instead of the previous name of Kumo that was used for a while.

PC World reports:

To get the word out, Microsoft is planning a massive advertising campaign to launch its new search brand. Bing's debut will feature a $80 to $100 million online, TV, print, and radio advertising campaign, according to AdvertisingAge.

Google is the top leading in search market and Microsoft has stayed far behind it in this field. Microsoft desperately tried to buy total Yahoo thanks to its search engine to challenge Google but it was an unsuccessful attempt.

So, it looks reasonable spending $80 up to $100 million while launching Kumo to raise the position of its search engine in the higher level (and maybe get closer to Google).

Electronista reports:

AdAge hears that Microsoft plans to spend between $80 million to $100 million advertising Bing, the final version of a radically revised search engine codenamed Kumo and meant to compete with Google, Yahoo and other top-tier search engines. At least initially, the ads created by marketing firm JWT won't target Google directly but will instead suggest something wrong with today's search engines and push Bing as the alternative.

The latest Live Search Engine from Microsoft; Kumo, is more improved in the media search section compared to the previous version- the result of search is closer and more matched to result of Google’s search counterpart. However, the text search in Kumo is not so much different than the previous one.

Campaigns and advertisements are always useful way to gain more share of market for a while, but in the end it is the outcome of the product will appoint its future success or failure.

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