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Neo AMD dual-core Intel more multitasking CULVER start shipping


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AMD is showing that its new Athlon Dual-Core chip Neo Computex show has begun sending this update on its single-core CPU, which meant Neo low cost ultra thin notebook.

HP is also demonstrating with this update dv2 Pavilion Neo chip display at Computex 2009. HP dv2 was released with a single core processor Neo in April 2009.

Dual-Core processor net is based on 65 nm technology will be part of AMD's next platform Congo. Offers 1.6GHz clock speed and utilizing the power of 18 Watts. The better integration platform embedded graphics Radeon 3200 instead of the previous Radeon 1200 with single core used Neo.

Neo vs Dual Core Intel single-core processor CULVER:

CULVER single-core processor based on 45nm technology. It is more energy efficient 65 nm processors and has better performance per watt of Neo on the basis of the 65 nm CPU.

However, the dual-core processor is more Neo Intel CULVER multitasking because of their second World Cup. The Radeon 3200 integrated graphics is also capable of decoding faster HD felt better 3D multimedia content and also better performance compared to integrated graphics is used with a single nucleus and also by Neo Intel platform equivalent processor along CULVER, according to AMD.

So far, MSI-340 and Slim x Lenovo Ideapad U350 and M1305 GigaByte and MSI Wind U200 have been announced for the use of Intel processors next CULVER.

The ultra-slim laptops powered by dual core Neo has the price range between $ 750 to $ 1000.

The neo-based laptops with the updated CPU Neo will be available in September onwards.

Low-cost ultra thin notebook is a new category in the computer industry that stands between netbooks and ultra-portable notebook expensive. These notebooks provide an adequate return with all functions, but are much cheaper than their counterparts as the ultra-portable MacBook Air and other ultra portable laptops that their prices start from $ 1500 - $ 1700 and up.

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