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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for kinetic movement, widgets


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The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is getting a firmware update that will introduce some new, very welcome features - a higher initial kinetic movement in some menus, and improved performance of the camera and the response time.

Update: The homescreen is modified to resemble that of a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, rather than the N97 as originally reported. We apologize for the misunderstanding - we have our wires crossed a little in this case.

The kinetics of displacement update is only partial at this stage - will be applicable in the initial list of contacts and the Web browser. The upgrade is certainly more than welcome, but we feel that going to do the UI in 5800 even more inconsistent.

Imagine this - in some lists on the Nokia 5800, which uses kinetic movement, in other - dragging, which requires a two taps to activate a theme, and icon-based menus to use a single tap. Worse yet - sweep your finger up in the bar of contacts down the list, while in another menu that still uses the old logic of drag - to move up.

Another benefit of the next firmware update would be the best response time and performance of camera. When this update will be available for the 5800 XpressMusic to be seen, but it must be the easiest thing is that soon after the launch of his younger brother - Nokia 5530 XpressMusic. According to the source, the latter will come with all the news directly from the box.

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