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Nokia X Series and C series next geeks have breath


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There are four-digit model numbers with Nokia in the beginning. N-Gage then intervened, with the Nseries and eSeries following shortly thereafter. Two cards are now joining the party - Nokia Cseries registered trademarks and xSeries.

Patents are quite general and cover the phones, smart phones, accessories and spare parts, which does not really tell us much about the devices that will inevitably be announced.

In general, their Nokia phones in four separate categories, as follows:

• Achieve - these are the eSeries
• Explore - the Nseries
• Live - fashionable phones for people with active lifestyles
• Connect - Easy to use, but basic, good phone, focus on ways to connect to other

Now, here is what you're thinking, two categories that do not yet have a number of its own and two new letters. Fairly simple, but here is the most difficult issue - which is what?

C, for example would be "classic" and conventional phones more or less fit the description of the category of connection. There are other words that begin with C, of course, but it is less likely.

"Team" is another of those words and what we do now that Intel and Nokia are cooking something. Moreover, they call the N97 a mini multimedia computer "and Maema tablets appear to be part of the Nseries (eg N800)." House "also comes to mind, but it is also territory Nseries.

XSeries left alive for the category. Now, X could mean XpressMusic - those who do not really fit the bill for a fashion phone, but "active lifestyles" is quite accurate.

Prisma supernova phones and most modern type. The few phones L'Amour is a good game too, as are the 8-series phones - the sirocco, the Moon and the Arts. This seems reasonable guess as to what constitutes a "living" and a telephone phone xSeries too, if you guess right it is our nature.

There is always the possibility that the two new series that really does not fit into existing categories. One of them could be here, because Nokia is running out of numbers in the Nseries as the three-digit model is reserved for the Nseries Maema tablets.

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