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Pixel Qi energy efficient 10-screen Aspire One: First Impression


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I do not know how much you are familiar with Pixel Qi screen, but this new project for carrying out the screens by Mary Lou Jepsen has been showing at Computex Tiepei in a 10-inch Acer Aspire One

Pixel Qi is a "low cost, low power, super-reading, based on LCD screens ranging in everything from e-book readers for netbooks and computers.

Pixel Qi of the sample called 3Qi run in three configurations: a full-color, glossy, LCD conventional way, a very low power, sunlight readable, reflection and role-mode, and a low-power base color transflective mode. The screens are expected to initially be available in 7.5 inch and 10.5-inch screen sizes. "

At Computex show people from Laptop Magazine was in the hands of this screen them in an Aspire One and briefly evaluated whether what is described in the paper is true in real life.

The power efficient Pixel Qi is easily legible and completely indoors and outdoors (outdoors in the sample visible be ready some time this year).

Here is a run time of your first impression:

- High resolution display that uses half or a quarter of energy that an LCD basa

- A button to turn on and off the display backlight

- When the background is on screen is crisp with decent color and totally readable in sunny room with no glare

- When the light is off the screen is readable and the content is clear and lively even though it becomes dark and black and white (the loss of color).

This type of screen is somehow comparable to the screen are on Kindle. A kindle is as expensive as if only one is a NETBOOK eBook Reader. I only hope that Pixel Qi does not add much to the bottom of the price range of netbooks. (If this screen only adds a bit more money as a platform ION only raised the price of Atom-based NETBOOK for $ 50 probably will be very acceptable since launch).

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