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Update for HP Pavilion Notebook PC features AMD Athlon dv2 Neo


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AMD will launch its dual-core Athlon processor Neo in the updated HP Pavilion dv2 ultra portable laptop. The notebook offers a 12-inch screen and runs on the Windows Vista operating system quite smoothly. The main attraction of the laptop is the new AMD dual-core processor's low power Athlon Neo is expected to be a competitor of Intel ULV (ultra low voltage) chips. ULV Intel chips were originally intended for expensive laptop models, but recently, ULV low-cost chips for use in ultra-thin notebooks.

Well, the chips will be followed Neo AMD Athlon dual-core processors hit the market to Congo in the third quarter. The updated HP Pavilion dv2 also features 320 GB HDD and 4 GB of memory. The laptop is only available for $ 700. So you can understand that the HP Pavilion dv2 appears to be much more attractive in its updated form. However, I do not know how much battery life will be available in the laptop, which is powered by dual core 1.6 GHz CPU MV-40 Neo, but one thing is sure Neo Athlon dual core processors will consume more energy the single-core processors.

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