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W7 Appendix 3-Limit is disabled, how many other soft / hardware limitations?


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Starter Edition Windows 7 is going to make more trouble and discuss the arguments in the middle of the user community after completing many bitter discussions about adding a 3-Limiting W7 Starter Edition App by removing it.

Although the feature of 3-limit application seemed very bad but it was not very bad at all, because it does not include services, anti-malware applications or Windows applications or even multiple instances of the same application. " So if we expect this feature carefult find any limitation, because the courage of netbooks do not have the ability to run over this type of application 3 -!

But bitterer and more annoying is the part of many hardware and software limitations that Microsoft is going to impose some NETBOOK users.

Let me start from the hardware that I had mentioned in my previous post too.

Microsoft (apparently with the company of Intel) is to impose restrictions on hardware that will be approximately netbooks preinstalled with Windows 7

- A maximum of up to 10.2 "screen

-Only 1 GB of RAM,

- Up to 250GB HDD or hard drive of up to 64g SSD

- CPU should only be a single core and clocks up to 2.0GHz with up to 15 watts of thermal output

As you can see, these limitations are especially good for Intel and is not good at all of his serious rivals VIA. Netbooks are gradually opening to the new path of the hardware sector and give them more room to grow. However, Microsoft has stopped netbooks cheaper while offering a larger screen with the CPU as the best accomplished VIA nano Samsung NC20.

Laptop Magazine as mentioned a list of constraints to supply Windows 7 Starter Edition that I mentioned briefly here:

1 - Preview of the lack of work or Aero Peek

2 - unable to change wallpaper, window colors, or sound systems.

3 - can not log off when you switch between users

4 - Lack of Multi-monitor support and DVD playback

5 - Non-implementation of Windows Media Center. And no remote multimedia

6 - "The domain of support for business customers"

7 - There is no way to XP. Therefore, it will be impossible to run older programs on Windows XP in Windows 7 on netbooks.

These limitations characteristic of the session, and the change of mode in XP desktop background are the most problematic constraints coming to netbooks by W7 Starter Edition.

I prefer to adopt Appendix 3-Constraints and instead get the W7 mode feature of XP Starter know when you will pay more for Windows 7 (as you know the average price of Windows Vista will be over 7).

Do you agree?

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