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10 In the Pegatron in the video based on the NVIDIA Tegra


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Pegatron was among the first netbooks adopted ARM-based processor and was able to play 720p HD movie.

In the following video the Pegatron showcased at Computex is based on Nvidia tegra chipset (ARM-based processor plus Nvidia graphics card). The netbooks is able to play back 1080p HD videos through its HDMI port. The netbooks comes equipped with a non-removable battery with long hours runtime and some customizable shortcut keys. These four keys located atop the keyboard are for instant bringing Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Skype or you can customize them to call other websites instantly for you.

Although I don’t like the combination of white keyboard with pink palm rest, I love the matte screen of this netbook. Matte screens are really idea for long time work without bothering and tiring your eyes.

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