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AMD RS880 integrated graphics comes to stay over at the end of August


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AMD is far behind Intel in the processor market but is trying to launch an integrated graphics card for the budget of the computers that will be at the top of its category.

AMD RS880 is a new integrated graphics card that can support both the technology from AMD and Nvidia Stream OpenCL (of course, by extension) sports new Radeon HD 4200 chipset core.

According to AMD, the new integrated graphics card is capable of direct support X10.1 performance while 15% faster than comparable graphics package on the market today, such as 9400 or NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

AMD has shown its potential to be a leader in this RS880 when "Nvidia is still struggling to hit DX10.1 specification for Intel and others to take 6 months to bring a new DX10.1 support," according to the source.

AMD RS880, or can be released with the key to the Radeon HD 4200 will be available in late August.

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