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Asus electrical and electronic equipment: the computer in one at the keyboard to hit the market in August


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This is the keyboard of Asus, which will provide you with more of the functions of a laptop computer from the standard. Asus EEE would feature the keyboard to a 5-inch touch screen on the right side through which you can shop online, and communicate with people via email, as well as a lot of things. You can control the media center for the living room or office or in the field of entertainment.

For the first time at CES 2009, Asus electrical equipment and electronic keyboard comes pre-loaded with 1 GB of RAM DDR2, as well as 16 to 32 GB SSD storage. You can connect the keyboard with your TV or by radio or HDMI HDMI output port. Run the operating system and Windows XP. The keyboard also features three ports, VGA, and audio I / O ports. Although the company had not yet certain how to market the device, it is expected that the Asus EEE PC will hit the market in August with the expected to be announced price. But reports in the media available indicates that the version of the wireless keyboard will come with a price tag of $ 600, while the other version with the HDMI port will be priced at $ 400.

It's really to speculate on the performance such as a keyboard that is still rare in the world of technology. The only thing certain is that a lot of people will be curious about the keyboard. However, I do not think a lot of people will jump on that immediately after the release, mainly due to price range. The quality of many netbooks available in this price range, I do not think that many people at the outset I would like to sepnd 400 to $ 600 keyboard that does not appear any standard display, although the availability of a keyboard and touch screen capability for users.

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