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Bing vs Google: no problem for groups in all


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In an effort to fight against the overwhelming dominance of Google in the search engine market, Microsoft came up with Bing last month. It is one month old and could catch some attention of a significant number of users. However, some people thought that Bing has already been able to make some dent in the dominance of Google. However, it seems that this is not the case. Yes, Bing could get some increase in market share but it is not that much significant.

Reuters reported:

Google lost share slightly, dipping to 78.48 percent from 78.72 percent before Bing. Yahoo Inc, the perennial No. 2 in the market, rose to 11.04 percent from 10.99 percent.

Bing's share peaked in the first week of June at 9.21 percent, falling away in the middle two weeks before coming back at 8.45 percent in the last week of June.

From this report, it can be seen that Bing could create some buzz in the first week of last month because it was a new product. I have visited Bing but did not like it that much because I felt that it is not that much fast and accurate like Google in indexing. Of course, it my personal opinion and I may be right or wrong.

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