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Dell began to add services for GPS-10 Mini NETBOOK Prices, however, no!


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Dell is serious to include GPS and location services in its 10 Mini netbooks. This is hardly news. We have already heard several times, but now Dell is serious. Is starting putting and software on your GPS 10 Mini NETBOOK as an attractive option for consumers.

Why Dell is serious about this offer? Well, is the result of rapid growth in demand for mobile phones including the installation of GPS and map reading and storing addresses. Dell believes that this option is required by many consumers NETBOOK.

Dell Mini 10, with an option to come with GPS maps application packet CoPilot navigation software.

This software is able to show the directions in 2D and 3D maps, turn by turn directions offers and optimization of travel including diversions, and accumulate to 50 ft addresses.

Price? It is not clear yet how much this option will added to the basic price of the Mini-10, however I do not think they add much.

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