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Google Chrome Operating System: Microsoft can give a tough challenge?


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Google News to highlight the operating system alone, Chrome the operating system, and create a big wave in all parts of the world evolving. On July 7, 2009, Google announced it is going to release Chrom operating system, and a web-based operating system. Immediately after the news, the stock market reacted positively fire stocks stocks Groups of $ 401.77 while Microsoft fell 1.9% to $ 22.10.

Google Chrome will initially run the operating system on netbooks at low prices. The netbooks will be equipped with Chrome the operating system to be released in mid-2010. So, what are the main advantages of the operating system Chrome?

* First: Most importantly, it will be free. Currently, Microsoft charges $ 25 to use the Windows XP laptop too and $ 45 for Windows 7. Even if it reduces prices, and Chrom netbooks will run the operating system is cheaper.

* When Windows has been developed, there were not online. Now, the Internet is everywhere. The new operating system, Google Chrome will be on the Internet programs that will run on your browser. This means, does not require installation. In Google the words "speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of the operating system Google Chrome." For this reason, netbooks are the first target of the operating system Google Chrome because it does not come with a high configuration. All you have to do is to stay connected to the Internet all the time.

* Operating system for users of Google Chrome will be able to do everything, including reading emails, writing documents, playing in all other things they are doing on their computers. New Google Chrome will run the operating system through the Internet browser.

* Chrome will run the operating system on both x86 chips and Armenia.

Now, the question is millions of dollars, would this give Chrome the operating system of any major advantage over the operating system and Windows? The answer is, a resounding "no" at this moment. At the outset, on the basis of Ubuntu Linux netbooks did not become popular. People prefer Windows. Moreover, until now, all key applications and Microsoft and Windows in keeping the mind, and not any other browser. The new web-based applications are required to be developed. These are some of the major challenges that will have groups to overcome if it really wants to compete with Microsoft.

On the front presonal, I live in Bangladesh, and the poor Third World countries, where it is not possible for people to pay a large sum of money to buy original software. If the operating system, Google Chrome truly delivers as it promises, then he would be snoring is great for users like myself.

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