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How to clean up a noisy and overheated old laptop?


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Desktop computers typically use one or two or more fans inside to keep the cooling system. Therefore, the cleaning of dust inside the case is the experience of the usual per-user computer. We have to clean inside the computer case because the dust gradually close the ventilation system and cause overheating and detention system after all.

What about laptops? They do not require cleaning of dust, like everything we do for desktop PCs? Certainly, it is required for laptops and 2 years old or more. Dust turns a laptop computer to quiet noisy and hectic one.

If you suffer from this problem, which does not need to worry if your laptop runs down soon.

It is very easy to remove dust from fan mobile phone. First of all you need to find a site to vent outside air from your laptop. To this, first disconnect the AC adapter, and the face more than your laptop and remove the battery. After you find the air vent and the search for access to the Commission and developed by the air vent.

Now, you only need to follow the steps one after the other:

1 - Take the appropriate screw drive and open the screws to open the Control Panel.

2 - After you remove the panel you should see a fan laptop there.

3 - Make a fan from different angels the way in which the collection of dust blown into the air vent.

4 - Use of air compressor with low pressure and that he held some away from the fan to prevent any potential damage.

This is it, and now replace the panel with other repair nails. Replace the battery and connect the power adapter to the system. You must be mobile to work quietly and cool.

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