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IPhone 3Gs play 1080p video, and enjoy the sound of jaws dropping


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IPhone makes it difficult to really do not like it - it seems the latest generation of iPhone - and the rapid 3Gs can play 1080p video. Yes, 1080p. Programs are not quite ready yet, but the devices. So, we're just a software update away from having 3Gs become one of the most portable drives are very popular high-definition video?

Engadget men spent time playing with the 3Gs after reading the Chinese participation in a forum that the phone frequently asked 1080p video up to 30Mbps bit rate. Had achieved success as different - 10Mbps 1080p video played back fine, but 20Mbps 720p was stumbling, and audio decoder is not free of impurities after as well. [HD] driver is not officially supported until the bugs are to be expected, and the important thing here is that the device is able to read high-definition.

A little Googling suppressed our main concern - 3Gs iPhone will be able to output decoded video after that? There is an element composite cables for iPhone but there is still no HDMI cables. However, the answer to what seems to be positive - video and component cables are capable of dealing with up to 1080i/60Hz video.

Well, the quality of some will be lost during the gradual conversion of the overlapping, but limited to, 1080i seems to be a completely different nature - one of law. Transmitted over the video while HDMI can be DRM protected, can not be analog video, making it easy to copy and deny the usefulness of all those schemes to protect content.

Still, 1080i offers great quality of 1080i and 720p content is much more common than 1080p so more than once so it's not a problem. Of course, is not certain until the official, but it seems that iPhone 3Gs just might be able to output high definition video. And most (if not all) LCD TVs and component inputs so keep your fingers crossed.

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